Parliamentary Hearings

On April 18, 2018, representatives of the Ukrainian Center for Cultural Studies took part in the parliamentary hearings on the topic "State, Problems and Prospects of the Protection of the Cultural Heritage in Ukraine".

The issues concerning the legal instrument for the protection, preservation and popularization of cultural heritagewere discussed during the Hearings. Particular attention was attended to the problem of the cultural heritage protection in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The speakers emphasized the diversity of Ukrainian cultural heritage, its educational potential, and the development of a single information and cultural space.

Vladislav Pioro, senior researcher at the UCCS, gave a presentation on "Creating an Electronic Resource for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Values," focused on the problem of information management. The speaker stressed that the basis of preservation and popularization of objects and elements of cultural heritage, the development of cultural and creative industries was the information. As a result, V. Pioro noted that it was important to create a legal basis for the functioning of electronic registers of objects and elements of cultural heritage.